Malaysia hopes to get CITES clearance for trading python skin

The Malaysian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment plans to get clearance from United Nation (UN) for the sale of python skin from Malaysia to the European market. Its minister Jaafar said at the moment Sarawak is very strict on conservation of pythons as the snake is classified as an endangered species. The minister explained that Malaysia is a signatory of the UN Convention of International Trade on Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) under the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) which decides on the culling and trade of endangered species. “Once approval (from UN) is obtained the Malaysian government will determine control and licencing subject to CITES allowable quota based on reported population of protected reptiles. This means that CITES agrees on quota and we (government) regulate and control (the situation),” he explained. According to the minister the quota for python skin trade in Semenanjung Malaysia is 168,000 and Sabah (3,000) but Sarawak has no quota as python is still under the protected list in the state. Jaafar disclosed that he will try to get an expert from Vietnam to come over to Malaysia to share his experience in rearing reticulated pythons and trading of the snake skins. “The phyton skin business has big economic potential. This story was first published in Borneo Post

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