10 Shocking Facts About How the Illegal Wildlife Trade Drives Species Extinction

  1. Between 35,000 – 50,000 African Elephants are Poached a Year.
  2. There are More Tigers in American Backyards Than in the Wild.
  3. Three Rhinos are Poached Everyday.
  4. More Than One Million Pangolins Have Been Traded in the Past 10 Years.
  5. Approximately 28,300 Freshwater Turtles are Traded Each DAY.
  6. Around 30 Percent of the Asian Elephant Population is in Captivity.
  7. The Illegal Wildlife Trade Generates Between Five and 20 Billion Dollars, Annually.
  8. It is the Fourth Most Lucrative Illegal Trade in the World.
  9. Over the Past 25 Years, the Wholesale Price of Ivory in China has Risen From Five Dollars to 2,100 Dollars.
  10. Over 1,000 Rangers Have Been Killed in the Past 10 Years.

Source: One Green Planet

Etihad Airways signs declaration to support prevention of wildlife trafficking

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the signatories to the Declaration of the United for Wildlife International Taskforce on the Transportation of Illegal Wildlife Products signed at Buckingham Palace, Emirates News Agency (WAM) reported. Led by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the United for Wildlife initiative aims to support efforts to prevent the growing trade in illegal wildlife and products around the world. The taskforce for transportation has identified the specific role that the transport industry can play in helping to support the efforts of what the Duke of Cambridge refers to as 'the race against extinction'. The ambitious declaration documents eleven commitments which require signatories to commit to supporting global efforts to prevent illegal wildlife smuggling, through putting in place real measures where the transport industry specifically can help shut down routes exploited by traffickers.
James Hogan, Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer, who signed the declaration on behalf of the airline, said: "We recognise the significant role that the airlines can play in preventing the smuggling of wildlife and products. "Whilst the airlines cannot act as regulators, we are able to support enforcement authorities and assist in raising passenger awareness. We encourage others in this sector to sign up to this declaration to help prevent this abhorrent practice." The declaration focuses on breaking the link between the demand for illegal wildlife products around the world and the escalating poaching crisis in places such as Africa. Airlines are seen as key partners, able to increase passenger awareness, provide capacity building at airports and work closely to support the efforts of customs and law enforcement authorities.

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