Indonesia on the right path to global sustainable development

At the launch of the European Union’s Climate Diplomacy Week in Jakarta, the French ambassador to Indonesia reiterates France’s long-term support for Indonesia in battling climate change through climate financing. "Climate financing is more than ever needed to enable [developing] countries to attain sustainable development, through the active participation of all stakeholders including the private sector," French ambassador to Indonesia Corinne Breuzé said. Breuzé believes encouraging stakeholders, especially from the private sector, will help change the mindset towards climate change. The French government, by way of the French Agency of Development, is in full support of Indonesia’s path to sustainable development by financing renewable energy through foreign finance institutions and donors.

Meanwhile, the EU Ambassador to Indonesia, Vincent Guérend, said that the EU initiative of Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) on timber is a great example that Indonesia is on the right path to global sustainable development. "Currently, 95 percent of Indonesia’s timber exports are from certified sources, which puts the country in the forefront of the sustainably managed timber industry, placing Indonesia in an economically stable position,” Guérend said. The EU Ambassador said this would not only help Indonesia’s reputation as a green player, but will also encourage other countries to follow suit. According to the environment and forestry minister, Siti Nurbaya, many countries around the region have already started to visit Indonesia to learn the way it manages sustainable timber industry. "It took us over 13 years, and now we have people from China and Malaysia coming here to learn how to get that certification," Siti said, adding that the practice is currently being tried at palm oil plantations.

Indonesia will see its first FLEGT timber export in November.

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