sarawak wants to enhance its image, but it might be too late!

In order to enhance it’s image and reputation in the international market, Sarawak wants to enforce it’s improved Timber Legality Verification System (STLVS) immediately. The Sarawak Forest Department, Sarawak Forestry Corporation and Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Resource Planning and Environment, renewed their commitment by signing the Inter-Agency Standard Operating Procedure for Performance of Forestry Function in Sarawak for the STLVS.

Sarawak has been struggling for years with a poor image caused by the involvement of the previous chief minister of Sarwak Abdul Taib and his family in the Sarawak logging industry. According to studies from NGO’s such as Mongabay, Sarawak Report and Forest Monitor, Sarawak has lost more than 90% of its primary forests and has the fastest rate of deforestation in Asia which maybe attributed to the Taib's control on logging industry. In November 2014, Lukas Straumann, the executive director of Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF), launched a new book named "Money Logging: On the Trail of the Asian Timber Mafia", detailing the alleged environmental crimes and abuse of political power by Taib and his family during Taib's 33-year reign as chief minister.

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Money Logging investigates what Gordon Brown has called ‘probably the biggest environmental crime of our times’—the massive destruction of the Borneo rainforest by Malaysian loggers. Historian and campaigner Lukas Straumann goes in search not only of the lost forests and the people who used to call them home, but also the network of criminals who have earned billions through illegal timber sales and corruption.